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Braised Pork Chops with Tomatoes & Portobello Mushrooms
Braised Pork Chops with Tomatoes & Portobello Mushrooms
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
20 mins
Total Time
30 mins

Braised boneless center cut pork chops with fire roasted tomatoes and Portobello mushrooms in a light cream sauce is deliciously light and flavorful.

Course: Main Entree
Servings: 4
Calories: 215 kcal
Author: Carrie's Experimental Kitchen
  • 4- 4(ounce) Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops
  • 1 tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 14 oz. Can Diced Fire Roasted Tomatoes
  • 8 oz. Baby Portobello Mushrooms, quartered
  • 1/4 c. Half and Half (or heavy cream)
  • Kosher Salt and Black Pepper, to taste
  1. Heat a large stainless steel frying pan over medium high heat and add the oil. 

  2. Season your pork chops with salt and pepper and brown the chops about 3-5 minutes per side depending on how thick they are. 

    *Mine were about 1 1/2"-2" thick and took about 10 minutes to brown them. 

  3. Next, add the fire roasted diced tomatoes (including the liquid) and quartered baby Portobello mushrooms. Stir for about 2-3 minutes until the mushrooms start to soften; then add the half and half. 

  4. Next, cover the pan with a lid, reduce heat to low and allow the pork chops to cook through; which can be anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes depending on the thickness and your preferred level of doneness. 

    *The National Pork Board recommends cooking pork chops to an internal temperature between 145° F (medium rare) and 160° F (medium), followed by a 3-minute rest. My family prefers our pork more on the done side (little to no pink) so with the size of these chops, they took about 20 minutes. 

Recipe Notes


Nutrition Facts
Braised Pork Chops with Tomatoes & Portobello Mushrooms
Amount Per Serving
Calories 215 Calories from Fat 90
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 10g 15%
Cholesterol 63mg 21%
Sodium 455mg 19%
Potassium 218mg 6%
Total Carbohydrates 7g 2%
Dietary Fiber 2g 8%
Sugars 3g
Protein 26g 52%
Vitamin A 3%
Vitamin C 6%
Calcium 6%
Iron 12%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

*Nutritional information is based on specific ingredients and products used in this recipe and was calculated by MyFitnessPal.com; which may not be 100% accurate. 

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